We are Karr. Smouldering out of Joshua Tree California Karr is a Power trio of Hi Energy Rock and Roll. Melding genres of alternative funk, rock, sexy roadhouse blues with a bit of punk. Our infectious grooves will have your head, body and soul moving all night.

Paul Micheal on lead vocals and guitar brings his extensive songwriting experience in the studio and on stage with a music career spanning over 20 years. Steve LaVoie on lead guitar has dueled against the devil and sent him crying back to hell!  Andy Guerill slaps the bass with such a fury that Oden himself once considered adopting him as the new god of thunder. Russel Waldron's outside of the box drumming is the catalyst that makes  this river of funk blast through anything in the way of Karr's Rock and Roll Destiny.

Summer dates currently being booked please contact us on face book for booking  or call

Paul @ 760-362-3568 or

Russ @ 760-333-0838